Meet the Students of 2003


Jaime is a young man who overcame outside peer influences and was determined not to be a statistic. Many of his friends became involved in drugs during his senior year and dropped out of school. But not Jaime. Jaime is going to Sacramento State next year and will continue to be a Hispanic male role model. Jaime will go far.

Katie is a doggedly determined young woman with a strong work ethic and lofty career goals. After moving to Northern California as a pregnant teen, she lost her grandfather with whom she was living, and her child - stillborn. Her dream is to become a neo-natologist, and HERO will be a great boost to that effort.

JT has been the rock of his family during extremely difficult times. JT's father, Monte Reece suffered from cancer for several years and passed away in July of 2002. JT's mother sadly has an incurable deteriorating nervous disorder and travels to Florida for periodic treatments. Through it all JT graduated with a 4.13 GPA and has been a model student while very involved in NJROTC.

Perla is a young Hispanic lady who lived in poverty most of her high school years but never let on that she was struggling. She has a gift for writing in both Spanish and English. Her plans include attending Lake Tahoe Community College focusing on a Liberal Arts education with the goal of transferring to a four-year college.

Sara has only been in this country for two years and has successfully assimilated into the rigor of high school academics and societal challenges. She completed Senior Project and plans to attend Lake Tahoe Community College in the fall. She will be the first in her family to complete high school and move on to college.
Beatriz (Tere)

Tere is an amazing young Hispanic lady. She has been in the U.S. for two years and yet has mastered English with tremendous facility. She is very outgoing and a positive role model for her peers. She has a gift for breaking down barriers and is respected by all. She will be attending Lake Tahoe Community College in the fall.

Viri arrived at STHS from Los Angeles where she had close gang ties. Her sophomore year at STHS was shaky, but by her junior year she began to see herself as a person making a difference socially and culturally. Viri plans to major in Chicano Studies, and bring the concept of inclusion to our world.

Fabian is a young Hispanic man who has done well throughout his high school years by being dedicated and optimistic. One of Fabian's most obvious attributes is his willingness to help others. He plans to attend Lake Tahoe Community College focusing on Architecture.

Not available.

Josh almost dropped out of high school to pursue a career in biking, skating and snowboarding. Suddenly in his junior year he realized the importance of an education and had the motivation to return to high school. His future plans include law school.

Curtis came to STHS under a court order. While attending STHS he found a love for basketball and was able to transfer that dedication and passion to the classroom for the first time in his life. Curtis' positive disposition reflects to all around him. Curtis is a great young man with great athletic ability who will go far. He plans on attending community college in Idaho.

Emily, a shy young lady, has overcome years of domestic violence. Throughout her high school years she moved with her mom through many destructive relationships. She is a sweet, bright, hardworking young lady who will be attending UNR in the fall.

Olga balanced parenthood and being a teenage high school student with grace and success. She is the single parent to her daughter, Destiny, and is an example of someone who accepted her situation with dignity and determination and was successful. Olga will be moving to Chicago with her daughter to attend college with her sister Rosio, a former HERO scholar.

Mariela is an immigrant from Nicaragua who has achieved academic success to the highest level. She began her schooling at Bijou school not knowing a word of English and ended her LTUSD career in AP English, AP Economics and AP Calculus. Mariela will be attending UC Berkeley this fall and this will be the next challenge for her as she leaves behind two sisters and a father who is in jail.

David came to STHS his sophomore year from San Diego. David was in an AVID program in San Diego and was on track for a four year college acceptance. His senior year he found out he was not documented and this information devastated him; he felt his college dream collapse. But, David picked himself up and persevered towards academic and athletic success. He will be attending a junior college in San Diego and will transfer to a four year school.
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